Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its Christmas Time...In St. Geezy

Right at this very moment me and Shaykee Ray are writing Christmas cards to a whole lot of people. We decided to attempt to make Christmas Bark and it turned out awesome!! Our first batch made us a little nervous because we had never attempted this dessert before but we kept going with it and it was delicious!! Our ward rocks, and there are a bunch of amazing people in it so we are giving them bark. We're gonna be stranded here when every one leaves after finals because we have hopefully we wont be so bored, I'll have to blog about what we do..haha.
I love my cousin Talie Sierra Bonds SO MUCH! She has always been one of my sweetest, best friends no matter the age difference:)) a couple summers ago, I went to Las Vegas with my old roommate to watch them while our parents were on a cruise and Talie and I were making Mrs. Clause cookies and got into a huge cookie dough fight! It was so fun because the cookie dough would stick to our bodies and the walls! Well, the recipe called for funny things like reign deer love and joy and fun Christmas we were yelling at each other (purely for fun) and little Zoey comes up to us and says, 
"Oh yeah those are gonna be REEEAL good with all the JOY in them!!" haha it was so funny.
She's such a sweetheart. I love all my cousins of course but not all of them write me sweet things on my facebook wall like what talie wrote. I am copying and pasting it now.
"brea bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you sooooo much already! i always think of our 
song ♥ and the cookies ♥ i love it when you send me pictures (: you are my favorite cousin (and the prettiest) i love when we go shopping together. i love it when we eat together♥ you are the funnest person. i found the picture i was telling you about. the one when im in a wedding dress!!!!!!! i ♥ you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay amazing ♥"
She is so sweet. 
I love the Savior so much and I love reflecting on His birth this time of year. He came into this world so humble, and everything He's done is for my benefit and because He loves me, He is my brother. I think its so good to try to serve others more than think about myself during this time of the year and all year long! The semester is coming to an end and I've learned the most this semester than all my semester's so far. I've learned how to be happy and how to love others and love my Savior more than myself. 

Thats all for now! I need to blog more often...I'll get on that. :) Oh attached is pictures from the ward Christmas Party. It was awesome, a great spirit was felt there. I love my ward! Ivins YSA. And pictures of our bark:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

IHOPe for some money.

After many months of searching.....not really...I was hungry one day so my friend took me to IHOP for breakfast and lo and behold they were hiring! all positions. So I filled out an application, turned it in and waited a few weeks for my call back. I applied for busser...because i have never been a server. managers said, "we're gonna train you to be a server, we like people that are cute and have personality" well..i dont want to toot my own I have personality! So I started last week on Wed. October 12. I trained that day, and monday and then Tuesday they put me on the serving floor where I got 3 tables and 12 dollars in tips total. BUMMER! Thank goodness the next day made up for it and I made 33 dollars. :) Cool. I like it so keeps me busy and paid! I'm hopefully saving enough money so I can visit Kellie Kastanes-King for the summer and live with her. We will see!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ask and ye shall receive!

Yesterday, the day before General Conference, I was wondering some interesting questions about premortal life and families...My question was "how do parents know how many children they are supposed to have? If they stop at 3, is there a child in Heaven that was supposed to go to that family? What happens then?"
I was wondering this because my youngest sister is the youngest of 6, Chloe Laine Bearnson. And I always wonder what it would be like if my parents hadn't had her! I think I would be missing out more than she would. I could not live without that wild spunky girl!
Well...I didn't pray about that because I am not planning on having kids soon I was simply just wondering. I know that God hears our thoughts! Because I am sitting here watching Conference and the speaker, I can't remember his name, spoke on that exact topic! He taught me that a husband and a wife will pray together with Heavenly Father and decide when and how many children to have. It is a simple answer but I couldn't think of it my self! It was an very good talk. Its amazing. To know God is always listening.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Blog Ever

This is my first blog ever so I'm a little nervous. Just kidding. Today I woke up (unfortunately too early) and went to my 8 o'clock volley ball class. I only had time to get dressed so....I was starving. I also couldn't fully wake up because I hadn't eaten breakfast. So lucky for me my volleyball team of 3 made it to the championship game. Boo. It was because of the other two girls. They were diving all over the place and bumping and setting and spiking and I was watching. I couldn't focus. And it was best out of two! So they beat us. And we started the second game, 4-1 them. We'll finish next Monday so I'll let you know. I finally got a cup of V8 juice so then I was ready to start my day. Went to math, tried to finish the test I left blank because I didn't know how to do it...but then I did it and left. Hung out with Oshane for a bit then went to clase de Espanol. I am getting pretty good...Me llamo Brea. See?? Okay then I did homowork I mean homework til Oshane got out of class and we made lunch. My roommate Alexa tried to trick me by locking the door so I thought she was asleep. She wasn't! I came in my room and she said she was "blogging" and she told me to do it. Well said that I should if I wanted to. Same thing. And I do everything any one asks me to do no matter what (Peter Griffin, Family Guy). Ha anyway that's all. Now I will continue to try to figure out this page and hopefully someday my posterity can read this. 
Adios Breanna Bearnson